I'll remember MONTREAL

Jan Šulc – I’ll Remember Montreal


  1. Forest Flower (C. Lloyd) 7.37

  2. Frygo (K. Velebný) 5.30

  3. Deep space nine (J. Šulc) 9.29

  4. Grow your own (K. Jarrett) 4.03

  5. Lady Bird (T. Dameron) 5.22

  6. Fortune Smiles (K. Jarrett) 5.13

  7. Fortnight (J. Šulc) 5.00

  8. ATP (J. Šulc) 5.55

  9. Free No Chaser (J. Šulc/T. Monk) 4.15

  10. Gary’s Waltz (G. McFarland) 5.20

  11. Maiden Voyage (H. Hancock) 6.30


Jan Šulc – played Yamaha Grand Piano

There are just three places linked by a common fate, that of being the three most livable cities
in the world: Seattle, Melbourne and Montreal. The World Population Crisis Institute of Washington has judged these cities in terms of education, personal security, fiscal balance, environment protection, economic well being and quality of cultural life. The latter point seems to be the most important for many people (including myself). The Montreal concert lineup during 1993/1994 ranked, for instance, from Madonna, Prince, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Lemonheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Rush and Robert Plant to Zap Mama, Bill Frisell and Czech musician Iva Bittová. At these times I reached a (as a medical doctor) Research Fellowship in the McGill University. I enjoyed a very nice time there with nice persons from Canada, Italy, Thailand, and as well as from Lebanon and Japan. Such a multinational
and multicultural mould influenced me a lot.

One of fantastic opportunities to squeeze fruits of the cultural tree of Montreal was a possibility to record two hours of solo piano music in the Musical Faculty of McGill. This offer came from Joel Natanblut, a McGill student, who was in the sound engineering program. We have had only just one pure and simple afternoon to perform the whole recording. It had to be, of course, 100% live without any editing. Listeners will have to judge the end result……….

Jan Šulc